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Feb 25th, 2018, 06:38am

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xx Vision of Boy on A Baseball Field
« Thread started on: Aug 2nd, 2009, 05:24am »

One morning I woke up and heard three knocks on my bedroom party wall. Immediately following, my normal vision was blocked by a moving picture in color. I saw three things. The first thing I forgot right away--I seem to think it was an image of a white man looking at me with a single vivid blue eye. The second thing was a technicolor cartoon. Again, forgotten. The third thing I saw is clearest of all but baffling. It was daytime and there was a black boy about 8 or 9 years old standing in the upper middle of a baseball field. He wore a Yankee or Dodger styled uniform and had on a catcher's mitt. He appeared to be staring at me like he knew me and knew I was able to see him. The vision ended.

I have no clue who this boy is. I have only one child, a daughter. I have a sneaking suspicion this boy is from a past or future life. It is not, however, uncommon for me to dream about kids or kid spirits. But why in a vision which makes the boy stand out? Also, I'm not a fan of baseball and had no intention (at the time or now) of having anymore kids. I really felt as if I should know that boy.
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In my first UFO dream I was standing on the 3rd floor hallway stairs of my apt. building. Hovering in the air outside the window was a gold colored disc that was tilted downwards as if to peep in at me. The UFO emitted a beeping pattern. I was ten years old and so scared.
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xx Re: Vision of Boy on A Baseball Field
« Reply #1 on: Aug 17th, 2009, 2:51pm »

Greetings ~*~

I am a bit startled by what you posted because of the familiarity. In one of your 'dreams', you describe a glimpse of a Technicolor cartoon - That is something I saw during our first visit, whereas my daughter saw what she described as everything suddenly looking like it was washed out - As if drawn with colored pencils.

As for the little boy, I can only go by the little girl I just dreamt about, the 'cartoonish starfish shapes' my daughter saw in the first visit, and the blobby, partially formed shapes I saw then.

At least, in our case, when we were first contacted, the appearances we were shown were very non-threatening. My daughter likes animated movies and has been known to crack up laughing watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, which has an animated starfish. While there are some who might say that she dreamt about something she knew of, so it couldn't have been a real ET visit, I can only assure you that we both have a pretty good grasp on what is real, and this was no dream. Not only the fact that we both dreamt almost the exact same thing at the exact same time, but that our electronics were somehow messed up as was noted by our entire family.

The reason I seem to be justifying what happened to us, is two fold: 1. Because I want people to realize how ridiculous this seemed to us at first, and 2. That it wasn't until months later that we were able - Yes, ABLE - to finally start talking about this enough to see that the shapes they chose were ones we would not be alarmed at. Had they have revealed their true faces, I believe I would have been traumatized, and I know my daughter would have, too. I have yet to remember their faces - I have only been able to clearly remember an 'arm' and a 'hand', and that is after over three years of experiences.

Though I don't know you, I would bet you would not find a little boy in a baseball suit very threatening; On the contrary, you seem to feel that you either know this 'boy' or will know him. That is a feeling I understand.

In the dream dimension, things can happen that of course might not be able to in real life, and sometimes, the image that we remember is the tip of the iceberg, the rest to be forgotten or remembered only in stages that we cannot speed up (laughs - Believe me on that one!)

Hope that helps somewhat-
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