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xx Dream~Visit: Tigersoul through the Looking Glass
« Thread started on: Aug 17th, 2009, 08:38am »

The Most Elegant Lesson - August 13, 2009 around 3:00 PM - A True and Accurate account

I was stretched out on the large couch that faces both the front door and the large living room window. My nineteen year old son was sitting in front of the tv, also in front of me, with his back to me as he played a video game. Having had a recent ufo experience with twelve other people out in our backyard on the 4th of July, and having had both a shared dream of speaking with alien visitors with my then twenty five year old daughter, I wanted to learn more about the experience. My dreams regarding ET have been peaceful and rare, and so I closed my eyes and began to drift, asking repeatedly if I could see them. A soft, genderless word spoke in my mind.


I said, “So that I can take a picture.”

“We can not allow a picture to be taken.”

“Why?” I echoed.

“The time is not here yet.”

At this point, I faded into a dream, and it began as I was- On the big couch, sleeping while my son played a video game. In the dream, I opened my eyes, and through the now open curtains, I saw two semi-trucks spiraling slowly through the sky heading north. As I was taking that in, I next saw a partly transparent train also going north above the neighbor across the street’s house. I stood up and walked to the living room window, and though the day had suddenly turned to dusk, I could clearly see a dark helicopter slowly circling above the road right out front, beyond our tall hedge. A bright white light shone like a column from under it as it circled, keeping the copter nose always pointed towards the center. It was spotlighting something
on the road directly beneath it. I went out to the edge of the driveway and peeked around the hedge, fearfully, and saw rings of flowers around a cardboard box in the middle of the road. There was a beautiful ring of yellow, pink, white, and blue flowers around the box, and ‘in memory of ... ‘ appeared to be written on the lid that pointed up.

I was afraid to look into the box because it could have been a squished cat or something even scarier such as a being from another planet, so I turned back to walk up to our house. I then noticed a new window at the far South edge of our home, where our son’s room is, and someone had written something embarrassing on the dirt that smudged it. It read “Real men don’t…” and the rest was something embarrassing, but not vulgar. I did not want the neighbors to see, so I spit on a paper towel and tried to wipe the words off. I went into the house to get a mop and a bucket of soapy water and when I came back out, a sweet faced, happy neighbor girl (This 'girl' I have never actually seen before, so I am guessing she was a projection) came skipping up the drive way and smiled at me as she danced into our house. I sighed, leaving the mop and bucket because I felt I should see where she had went.

I came in the house, and 'Jack', our youngest rottweiler, came out of the kitchen - but he looked much different. Long legs, two toes with retractable razor claws, muscles rippling under the skin, face shaped more like mink or a wolverine - He walked like a deer. I rested my hand on his head, and then I noticed my 21 year old daughter standing against dining room window with a cigarette (she doesn’t smoke) and a cell phone. She had made deviled eggs with pretty garnishes that looked like ’toothpick’ carrots but were blood red and strange and had a thick, crumbly coating on the egg white. She waved her hand - telling me they weren't ready. I decided to go find where the neighbor girl was.

She was in the bath tub, hiding behind the shower curtain. I smiled, noticing everything was partly opened. I shut the cabinets gently and said "You're not the kind of girl who goes through other peoples' things, are you?" She laughed and peeked around shower curtain at me . I asked her what had happened on the road. She said that a neighbor’s cat had been hit and it's name was Knight. As soon as she said ‘Knight’, I saw the word glow in my mind. (The next day, I jumped a little when I saw a truck go by ABOVE ME (Think of the beginning of my dream with the trucks in the sky) on the freeway overpass with the word Knight on it.)

I heard voices out front, and I went to look through the window. I saw several teen boys. One took a red or blue bike from in front of our garage and began riding it around our driveway. I remember wondering where that bike had come from as I opened the door. My seven year old granddaughter suddenly went past me and danced past the teens to the end of the drive, where an older, Down’s Syndrome woman and a little blonde girl and a baby carriage were, somehow related to the teens. My first thought when I saw the women was "Ewuuu", and I was so glad that my granddaughter is so cheerful and that maybe she would make the woman feel welcome.

I said "Can I help you?" One boy was huge - like a giant, 18' tall . He sneered at me, and said something sarcastic. On a light wood table in front of me there were a few of my granddaughter’s toys. He picked up a Barbie doll, spun angrily and threw it at the hedge. Amidst laughter from the others, I said calmly, "…and you will go get that doll." One boy hurried over, put his hand toward the laurel, and the left side of the hedge flattened as he peered into the ditch beyond the hedge to look for it. The big guy kept getting redder, and his odd facial features began pushing through his skin (Like the himan masked aliens in the movie, '5th Element') so I saw he was not really human. He looked like he was starting to threaten me, so I picked up a cell phone and pretended to call 911. I said ‘yes’ and ‘no’ a bunch of times and then calmly said, “He’s standing right in front of me.“ I felt what I thought was the neighbor girl behind me, and suddenly felt her arm around my waist. It was a firm, but loving grasp, and I felt like a small child again being hugged by my father. I felt so secure and protected! I looked down at the arm and I could see the skin looked like crab shell and was mahogany brown, but it only brought comfort and a feeling of excited joy to see it. The arm was very slender, yet strong, and the fingers - three of them - looked spidery and at least sixteen inches long. It was beautiful and ancient and made me feel like my own father were holding me. I was not afraid at what I was seeing, but I felt a strong wash of warmth and love. That arm was amazingly familiar. I recognized it.

The big guy did not make a single move toward me - Just stood there half-morphing into walrus-like features and glaring at me with loathing. I said again, "you will go get that doll." and more boys started looking. I called my granddaughter back. Reluctantly, she did, and walked past me and the being that had it’s arm around me.

On the table there was a bottle of red fluid, like strawberry pop and several caterpillar-like creatures. They were pretty red-orange with long, feathery pipe-cleaner hair. They moved like snakes slowly, and were about 6 to 7" long. I grabbed one and put it in the bottle which began to foam and I laughed crazily and put a second one in the bottle. (This reminded me later of the scene in 'Men In Black', when the bugs are being squished and the alien gets enraged. I felt more that these little creatures belonged to the giant - That they were pets of his or something) The big guy turned tomato red and I froze. I was not at all afraid - (Trust me, I would have fainted long before this had that been real!!!) Instead, I suddenly felt ashamed of myself. I dumped the bottle out. Someone said ‘They're dead.‘ I said ‘No they’re not.’ I picked them up gently and put them with the other live ones. I suddenly felt so bad - so embarrassed. Here I had thought I was so civilized and I realized that I was not, and I was ashamed of myself so deeply I was stunned. Here I am - an educator - Thinking I am so civil and wise...Yet, the reaction I had to the Down's Syndrome woman and the even more hostile actions toward the big guy...Well, it changed me. I saw that at my core, I am capable of being as prejudiced and mean as the next person.

When I woke up I thought it was partly real and I cried. I begged my son to tell me that I had not been on the couch the whole time, and he told me I had been. I asked if he had left the room at all and he told me he had not. I sat up, crying, and holding my head. I sobbed that I felt slightly crazy, and that it could not have all been a dream. He tried to comfort me, and I cried again a few minutes later, ashamed still.

I then told my son that that was the most powerful lesson I had ever been taught, and how elegant it had been. The fact that I was not harmed, and by my own choices, I learned something about myself as well as how easy it is to change that part of me. I only wish I could teach a lesson like that. Maybe soon, I will be allowed to take a picture, but maybe soon, a picture will not be needed.
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When you think about the distances another civilization would travel, one would have to really wonder why. Sure, some have said to help those of earth but instead, think about what value we may hold that they want and could be stealing. If the human soul exists, what if maybe they're simply stealing for their own needs. They've shown me things. I've felt that of another. It's as if they bring it through me just for show and then take it away. Why do they have such ability to be able to do that to the dead and for that matter, what are they doing with them? Lastly, when and if what is suppose to happen, happens - believe this, It's all a ruse and nothing is as it appears! Don't forget that note and pass it on to your friends and family when it's time. As for the theft of souls, that bothers me something horrible.
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