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Feb 25th, 2018, 06:34am

EARTH'S TWIN? NASA's Kepler Mission Announces Latest Discovery



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By: Danielle Lee

Evolution is defined as ďthe faculty possessed by all substances capable of self-nourishment of manifesting the nutritive acts by changes of form, of volume, or of structure.Ē The many facets of evolution involve the development and growth of all aspects of existence for a species. Physical, mental, emotional and of course, spiritual.

Many of the realms that exist are beyond human comprehension as our evolutionary advancements have not yet reached itís peak. There are many dimensions that are not available to use at our discretion as our eyes and souls have not yet ascended to that level.

The lower realms however, are completely and wholly within our line of understanding, though we do not always comprehend their existence. Plants, bugs and animals dwell in a completely different realm than ourselves due to their lower level of consciousness. A plant has no comprehension of love, lust, greed or technology even though it is a living, breathing organism. Their anatomy is vastly different than that of a human beings, but it still maintains a life force and the basic biology of life.

A fish swims contentedly within its known environment, unaware and unable to mentally comprehend a reality on a dry terrain. These oblivious creatures exist completely in their own world, within their own understanding, incapable of higher thought and complex ideas.

These realms beneath us humans are within our vision and understanding because their consciousness is lower than our own. We see them for what they are, living beings at a state of lower awareness. Humans are basically of the third dimension, animals of the second, plants and insects of the first.

They respond to our advances simply by natural and instinctive stimuli. If you approach a fish swimming, the natural tendency is for the fish to swim away from you. Some fish may approach with curiosity, but lack the capacity to interact or form a complex thought or idea as to how to proceed with strategy. Based on gut instinct and thousands of years of evolutionary process, these lower consciousness creatures are barely aware of our existence.

A plant will respond to direct stimuli by moving itself away from an unpleasant application or will move toward or flourish when given a positive energy. A plant does not have access to a higher thought function, but it has awareness at a basic level.

An insect will instinctively move away from an approaching human finger or vibration. This is not due to a complex thought process, but of instinct to be wary of the unknown.

The same explanation can be applied to us when trying to explain the higher realms of consciousness. We acknowledge that a vast majority of us have felt or experienced sensations, visions and encounters that we can not comprehend or explain. Merely a feeling or glimpse, paranormal activity remains a perplexing mystery to us. Our innate and unevolved awareness teaches us, not unlike the insects, to shy away from all that we do not fully comprehend. In our eyes, paranormal activity is that of the unknown and therefore our instinct is to fear it. What does the vast majority of the human society do when they are approached by an apparent ghost or anomaly? Fear and fleeing from the unfamiliar is an engrained biological and inherent instinct.

Due to the ego and high standards of intelligence that we bestow upon ourselves, we cannot fathom that there is so much more to learn and experience. We consider ourselves the top of the food chain and most intelligent beings that we can see, but we lack the comprehension and understanding that there are far more advanced beings and technologies that are not nearly within our consciousness.

Mammals, such as a dog or dolphin, are aware of our existence, yet unable to communicate or learn at our levels. This is due in part to a lower level of consciousness and awareness as well as a lesser level of evolutionary status. Animals are actually quite an interesting addition to the realms, they are acutely aware of humans and able to interact at astonishingly conscious levels. They sense our feelings and have their own methods of communicating with us as well as establishing complex tasks and problem solving.

A fish or an insect however, comparatively sees us the way we see the spirit world. They can sense us but cannot truly see or comprehend us.

We literally glimpse and are given several indications throughout our lives the existence of the higher levels, yet do not yet have the ability to consciously decipher the meaning of the higher dimensions.

Consider the view from above us, they see us, yet we do not see them. We feel them occasionally as our paths intersect, but we do not accept the awareness as fact. They study us and subtly interact with us, but not as to disturb our progress. Do we actively attempt to alter the mindset and apparent awareness of plants, animals and insects? No. We respectively allow their current awareness and existence because we believe that all beings have a right to their own pace of evolution.

Ironically, man has allowed but one higher power to be superior to themselves, but that concept is also profoundly underestimated. God, the Source or whatever name that we call this exponentially vast existence of creation, is much more complex than we could ever comprehend at this level of understanding. If you look at the biology of each creature within each realm, you will notice a gradually advancing pattern of complexity. The cellular structure of an insect dramatically varies from that of a human being. The lower the level, the more simple the blueprint. Comparatively, the more advanced the creation, the more elaborate the cellular structure. This applies all throughout creation.

The levels above us gradually have obtained a more sophisticated and progressive evolutionary form. The next levels above us have adapted their consciousness to expel the need for dense flesh. They exist within a molecular cohesion of awareness, they choose to exist as an individual composition without corporeal attributes. All creation begins with thought, they choose with thought the proposed existence, therefore they exist in that form.

The God creation is the highest of evolutionary states, bestowing all perfection and flawlessness. Ironically, the Source is the complete and total compilation of all creations. From the smallest bacteria to the highest state of evolutionary consciousness, itís existence is comprised of every molecule in the universe. Itís evolutionary perfection is a result of all of the combined experience and growth of all itís segregated god fragments. Itís compounded knowledge and experience is forever growing with every thought and experience that the evolutionary cells create. We are part of the cellular structure, each one of us contributes to the vast knowledge and awareness of the Source.

As our species advances through the millennium, we grow closer to the secret of the next stage of advancement. Fluctuating within the third and fourth dimensions, we will soon take the inevitable leap to the fifth dimension. Many messengers and advanced spiritual beings have been placed on earth at this time to enable the transition to be accepted more easily.

Part of evolutionary advance will be the acceptance and awareness of the future stages and levels before us. The hindrance of evolution is the lack of insight and human ego existing only in the realm of themselves.

Copyright Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved 2008
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When you think about the distances another civilization would travel, one would have to really wonder why. Sure, some have said to help those of earth but instead, think about what value we may hold that they want and could be stealing. If the human soul exists, what if maybe they're simply stealing for their own needs. They've shown me things. I've felt that of another. It's as if they bring it through me just for show and then take it away. Why do they have such ability to be able to do that to the dead and for that matter, what are they doing with them? Lastly, when and if what is suppose to happen, happens - believe this, It's all a ruse and nothing is as it appears! Don't forget that note and pass it on to your friends and family when it's time. As for the theft of souls, that bothers me something horrible.
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